How To Make The Most Of Pandemic Air Travel

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Airport Lounge

If there is one thing I always tell people it’s to invest in an airport lounge. Some lounges let you buy day passes. Heck, your credit card may give you access to one. However you go about doing in, if you fly more than once a year, investing in airport lounge access is beyond worth it.

Booking Your Flight

Airlines have said they will space seating out.

Call The Hotel

If you’re like me you’d prefer to do everything online. But you’ll want to call the hotel to find out how often they change the bedspread.

The Bag of Liquids

There’s never enough space in that bag of liquids you put into your carry-on.

A Word On Air Travel

You might be a little worried about hopping onto an airplane. After all, it’s all recirculated air. While this is true, modern airplanes use hospital-grade air filtration systems.

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