How To Make The Most Of Pandemic Air Travel

Greyson Ferguson
5 min readMay 14, 2020

Travel is about to get weird.

At least weirder than it has been.

If someone from the 1950s rolled up into a modern airport and saw us whipping off belts, flinging shoes into gray plastic bins, and standing in spinning X-ray machines their heads would blow.

And now, in the age of contagion, travel is about to take another weird turn.

Hopefully, a vaccine comes out sooner rather than later so we can easily return to our jet-setting ways.

But, for the time being, here are a few ways you can make the most of your next travel excursion.

Airport Lounge

If there is one thing I always tell people it’s to invest in an airport lounge. Some lounges let you buy day passes. Heck, your credit card may give you access to one. However you go about doing in, if you fly more than once a year, investing in airport lounge access is beyond worth it.

I’ll even take airport lounge access over the TSA Precheck. A few years ago the Precheck might have been worth it. But now there are times where the Precheck line is just as long as the regular security line. Kind of defeats the purpose. And even if it isn’t, it isn’t going to save you much time because you still have to arrive at the airport early just in case the Precheck line is in a logjam.

The airport lounge is so much different.

You’re secluded, have more comfortable seats, and have access to complimentary snacks, Internet, and drinks (oftentimes alcoholic drinks. Just don’t be the bro that tries to drink he’s lounge fee’s worth of booze in one visit).

Some lounges, especially international lounges, include showers and private rooms.

But really, maybe the best current reason to take advantage of the airport lounge is the lounge has its own cleaning staff. This means the seats are wiped down more frequently, the room has its own HVAC system, and you’ll limit your exposure to other people.

Trust me, if you’re going to do any bit of flying, consider investing in an airport lounge.

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