NFL Beer Cities Ranked (Worst to First)

Greyson Ferguson
7 min readSep 11, 2019
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Beer and football.

Is there a more perfect combination?

Whether enjoying a pitcher of suds with friends on a Thursday evening or finishing that last bottle while winding down on Sunday night, beer and football represents a match made by the gods.

But football is competition. And people love to debate their favorite beers. So lets put the two together .

Here are all NFL cities ranked by the quality of beer, from worst to first, based on the breweries located within the team’s metro footprint.

The Bottom Dweller Division

To come up with my list I looked up breweries in the metro area and compared it with beers listed on Beer Advocate’s top 250 beers in the United States. These cities not only had zero beers on the list but had fewer quality craft breweries.


The city of Nashville is known for music and food. It’s not known for beer. But don’t worry, you have some of the best BBQ anywhere. Just chase the beer down with a fantastic sauce.

New Orleans

It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s sticky. In this kind of climate you don’t need a fancy IPA or heavy stout. You just need something light and cold. Thankfully cheap beer is perfect for this.


It’s strange to think of Jacksonville as the largest populated city in Florida. What’s not strange to think of is the sheer lack of great beer.


The biggest name in “craft” beer in Phoenix is Four Peaks. Which is owned by Budweiser. And it tastes like Budweiser does craft beer. There are some suitable craft breweries in the area, but nothing that can compete with the bigger beer NFL cities.


No, these two cities are not in the same metro area. But they are in the same metro zone of lacking craft beer star power. So instead of writing the same blurb for two Texas cities I combined the two.

At Least You’re Kind Of Trying Division

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