The Definitive Ways to Drink Coke Ranked

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This option isn’t great.

20-Ounce Bottle

Plastic bottles just aren’t optimal.

12-Ounce Fat Can

Now we’re starting to warm up a bit.

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12-Ounce Skinny Cans

The box is more annoying than the fat cans. And only eight cans come in a box. But in terms of taste, I like the skinny cans over the fat cans.

Glass Bottle Coke

I’m a sucker for the classic. There’s just something about the sound a glass bottle makes when being cracked open. And bonus points if it’s been opened by a bottle opener bolted into the vending machine.

Soda Fountain Coke

Getting a fountain Coke is kind of like getting a beer on tap. There’s just something better about it. Maybe it’s the fresh mixing of carbonation and water with the syrup. Maybe it’s the freshly carbonated beverage pouring over ice. Or maybe it’s just my imagination, but there’s something absolutely refreshing about a fountain Coke.

McDonald’s Fountain Coke

Some dealers get the drugs that have been cut and re-cut with additives. Others get the pure stuff. McDonald’s is the kingpin of Coke dealers and they get the pure Coke.

3rd World Country Bottle Coke

I said the McDonald’s fountain Coke is almost impossible to beat, but there is one that finds a way.

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